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Ctrl Suite

How do I update an app on my iPad?What software is Ctrl compatible with?What does Ctrl Suite do?What makes Ctrl Suite different?Who uses Ctrl Suite?Why was Ctrl Suite created?How does Ctrl Suite's licensing structure work?Licensing - What are Entities?Licensing - What are Players?If I buy additional Player or Entities licenses do I qualify for a further year of updates?Is there a limit to the number of Processes I can create with a pro license?What's your recommendation for a computer to run Ctrl Engine?Can Ctrl Suite run on an unattended installation?What if Power is cut and then restored?Will my variables persist between sessions?How many Players can be supported by a single Ctrl Engine?Is Ctrl Suite a one time purchase?What speed should my network infrastructure use?Can I use WiFi to connect all system elements?How long does a Ctrl Suite license last?How can I visuallise the data being received in my processes?How do I interact with my Processes from a button or slider in my Interface?Can I use spaces within OSC methods?Does using the Ctrl Engine API count toward my licensed Entity count?How do I try Ctrl Suite out before buying it?Do you offer showroom discounts?Licensing & How it WorksHow do I include the images used in my interfaces when sharing a workspace created in Ctrl Designer?I have forgotten my Ctrl Engine password, how do I recover it?I can't connect to the ctrl engine web interfaceWhat do I need to consider when using OSC, MIDI over IP or UDP with Ctrl Suite?Is my computer capable of running Ctrl Suite?Do I need to provide additional hardware or can Ctrl Suite run on my existing media server computer?Can I run Ctrl Suite on a virtual machine?Will Ctrl Player run on Android?How do I connect physical buttons, switches, sensors and relays to Ctrl Suite?How do I restart Ctrl Player on my computer?What resolution should I create my Ctrl Suite interface?I cannot start Ctrl Engine (Windows)How can I control the volume of a Yamaha MTX audio matrix processor from Ctrl Suite or Ctrl for iPad

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