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Welcome to the Ctrl Suite User Manual. Here you'll find our fully documented guide covering how to specify hardware, use and setup all elements of Ctrl Suite.

The Ctrl Suite is broken down into three main elements that connect with each other over a computer network:

  • Ctrl Designer - Build your user interfaces, configure all elements of the system and more. Ctrl Designer runs as on Windows & macOS.
  • Ctrl Engine - Responsible for running all system processing protocol outputs and co-ordinating user interfces on Ctrl Player. Ctrl Engine runs as a service on Windows & macOS.
  • Ctrl Player - A simple touch-friendly application designed for deployment on venue installations and events to allow end users to control their installations. Ctrl Player runs on Windows, macOS, iPadOS & iOS.

Ctrl Suite is used on projects across the globe. If you're keen to use Ctrl Suite on your project get in touch.

For quick tips, recommendations and FAQ's, visit the Knowledge Base. For information about hardware specification read this guide. Transparency is key. All known issues are displayed within our Known Issue Log. To join our Beta Testing community get in touch!