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Introduction to Ctrl Engine

Ctrl Engine is the main processing core of the system, responsible for:

  • Running the workspace created in Ctrl Designer 24/7, 365 days a year.
  • Processing all data and system I/O.
  • Co-ordinating the user interfaces running on Ctrl Player.

Engine can run on macOS & Windows and has been designed to run efficiently, requiring minimal system resources. Only one Main is needed per installation.

Ctrl Engine...

  • Runs as a lightweight service for the highest level of stability & reliability.
  • Features an inbuilt watchdog to restart processes in fault situations.
  • Can be configured and monitored from any device on your local network with a web browser (Use Ctrl Designer > Manage Engines to discover Ctrl Engine on the network).
  • Receives workspaces from Ctrl Designer to run.
  • Trigger actions within the Ctrl Engine web UI for testing purposes.
  • Configurable to run at computer startup.

The Ctrl Engine service can be configured, stopped or started easily using the Ctrl Engine Manager application that runs in the system tray.

The licenses installed on Ctrl Engine determine the number of Player Interfaces or Entities the system can support as a whole.

To expand a system, simply add more licenses. See the Ctrl Suite product page for more licensing information.