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Introduction to Ctrl Designer

Ctrl Designer is the free authoring tool used to build the workspaces that will run your installation when synced to a licensed Ctrl Engine.

  • Define input and output protocols.
  • Define the device modules you want to interact with from Ctrl Suites pre-defined modules library.
  • Create visual & code based Processes allowing various 3rd party devices to be triggered.
  • Define monitors to detect the connectivity of devices on your network.
  • Design heavily customisable user interfaces and configure what they should control.

Collaborate with your team by sharing Ctrl Designer Workspace files with them ahead of syncing to a Ctrl Engine on site.

On site, use Ctrl Designer to adopt Ctrl Player instances running on various computers and tablets anywhere within the venue connected to Ctrl Engine over the local network to allow users to interact with your interfaces from anywhere.

The number of Ctrl Player incidences you can connect to a Ctrl Engine is determined by the number of Player licenses installed on your Ctrl Engine.

To learn more about Ctrl Suite's licensing structure, visit the Ctrl Suite product page.