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Release Notes

The release notes below detail the additions, changes and removals for Ctrl Suite.
Please reference these notes, where applicable, if contacting support about a specific issue.

Version 1.3.4

  • Fixed issue where clearing connection in Player on iOS did not work as expected (CS-721)

Version 1.3.3

  • Added copy/paste functions for interfaces (CS-717)
  • Fixed issue where ports between 56000 and 65535 were incorrectly marked as invalid (CS-716)

Version 1.3.2

  • Fixed issue where actions may not be triggered when used inside other actions (CS-714)

Version 1.3.1

  • Fixed issue where code process would not load in Designer under certain conditions (CS-713)

Version 1.3.0


Updates for Player and early access to the Webview component

  • Improved connection process for Player (CS-707)
  • Standardised to Identify when referring to the action of showing a target device (CS-706)
  • Standardised to "Clear Connection" when user wishes to reset Player (CS-701)
  • Fixed issue where Media Hub port could be reused incorrectly (CS-708)
  • Fixed issue in Player where some errors were displayed to the user incorrectly (CS-702)

Version 1.2.0

  • Select components can now be styled to look like a button (CS-687)
  • Implemented new colour scheme for Ctrl Suite (CS-676)
  • Added UI tool for getting interface control's UID (CS-670)
  • Added further indications for license information into Designer (CS-625)
  • Added the ability to change the theme fill of a button (CS-617)
  • Updated process API documentation for code editor (CS-669)
  • Fixed issue where images imported to Media Hub would appear as not found whilst optimising (CS-686)
  • Fixed missing localisation text when restarting Ctrl Engine from Ctrl Designer. (CS-682)
  • Fixed HTTP patch address hint including port number (CS-656)
  • Fixed an issue where button images could not be positioned around labels. (CS-655)
  • Removed toggle group option for toggle buttons in favour of upcoming Toggle Group component (CS-688)
  • Disabled the Net process in Ctrl Engine as we're not using at this time (CS-683)
  • Removed CtrlNet Channels from Actions, Processes and Interfaces. (CS-678)
  • Disabled CtrlNet channels. Processes provide the same function at this time. (CS-674)
  • Removed KNX early support (CS-668)

Version 1.1.0

  • Added Snap Size to interface properties (CS-661)
  • Updated Brainboxes to include secondary blocks (CS-667)
  • Improved validation for workspace settings (CS-646)
  • Improved interface editor when duplicating components (CS-598)
  • Fixed issue where Player on macOS/Windows would take focus when receiving updates (CS-694)
  • Fixed interface inspector showing protocols for controls that do not support (CS-660)
  • Fixed input components having text entry active in edit mode (CS-659)

Version 1.0.2

  • Imported images are now optimised for Ctrl Suite automatically (CS-648)
  • Added general purpose colour picker with user definable output (CS-647)
  • Added time entry component to forms section (CS-642)
  • Added new navigation bars (v2) with simplified configuration and better performance (CS-619)
  • Added Brainboxes IO module (CS-585)
  • Added Isadora module (CS-584)
  • Added Anomes Milllumin v4 module (CS-582)
  • Added Avolites module (CS-580)
  • Added LED Strip Studio LEC3 module (CS-575)
  • Updated Behringer x32 module to reference channels 1 to 9 with a leading 0. (CS-644)
  • Fixed issues when duplicating nodes (CS-649)
  • Fixed issued where Player on macOS or Windows could not connect if using localhost only with no other network interfaces (CS-641)

Version 1.0.1

  • Added a time input component to interfaces (CS-612)
  • Added ETC Hog4 module (CS-596)
  • Added Elation ONYX module (CS-595)
  • Added Chamsys QuickQ module (CS-593)
  • Added Infinity Lampy module (CS-592)
  • Added Chamsys MagicQ module (CS-591)
  • Added Lightshark module (CS-590)
  • Added grandMA3 module (CS-589)
  • Added Capture module (CS-588)
  • Added ETC EOS module (CS-587)
  • Updated hinting for code processes (CS-613)
  • Added handler for line break and carriage returns in protocols outputs (CS-610)
  • Added more support for multiple inputs to visual process blocks (CS-609)
  • Updated process editor for better interaction (CS-600)
  • Fixed an issue where setting the "enabled" property via the Process API could result in interface buttons being hidden from view. (CS-652)
  • Fixes issue where code processes could be encoded incorrectly (CS-608)
  • Fixed issue where exposed outputs in code processes did not show inside didRegister and willCloseProcess functions (CS-607)
  • Creating a new workspace with an identical name and file location as an existing one now overwrites and deletes all existing information. (CS-545)

Version 1.0.0


Ctrl Suite public v1.0.0 is here. This release brings

  • Added text entry components for interfaces (CS-570)
  • Added touch components for interfaces (CS-557)
  • Added Madrix Aura module (CS-551)
  • Added the ability to bundle a workspace to include interface assets (CS-540)
  • Designer will now automatically open workspace preferences when creating a new workspace (CS-529)
  • Added ENTTEC Datagate module (CS-507)
  • Added comments and groups to Visual Processes (CS-504)
  • Added Chamsys MagicQ module (CS-502)
  • Added Arkaos MediaMaster 6 module (CS-500)
  • Added ENTTEC ELM module (CS-497)
  • Added ENTTEC S-Play module (CS-496)
  • Added Blackmagic Smart Hub module (CS-492)
  • Added Blackmagic ATEM module (CS-490)
  • Updated secondary events for controls (CS-654)
  • A default user is now created when starting a new workspace. (CS-510)
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ELM module to show invalid options. (CS-572)
  • Fixed an issue where a device without a network adapter could not be accessed by localhost network control. (CS-546)
  • Fixed issue where components in Interfaces may not be selected after duplication (CS-515)
  • Fixed issue where Process blocks may not show correctly in Visual Processes (CS-508)