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Updating Version

Always install the latest version of Ctrl Suite available when beginning your project. Run the same version of Ctrl Suite on all Engines, Players and Designer devices.

Download all elements of Ctrl Suite through the ON LX Website, or use the relevant App store if running Ctrl Player on a tablet.

Updates do not target workspace files and licenses. However, as a precaution, it's recommended to backup all workspaces in Ctrl Designer or Engine before updating.

Ctrl Player

  • Close Ctrl Player
  • Run the latest Ctrl Player installer on your device.
  • Restart Ctrl Player.
  • Reconnect to Ctrl Engine and check that everything operates as intended.

Player is designed to be backward compatible with all versions of Ctrl Engine. It’s always recommended that you run the latest version.

Ctrl Designer

Run the same version of Ctrl Designer as Ctrl Engine. If the version of Designer is newer than Engine, Engine may not be compatible with the newest features Designer has to offer.

  • Close Ctrl Designer
  • Run the latest Ctrl Designer installer on your device.
  • Restart Ctrl Designer.
  • Reconnect to the Engine and check that all works as intended.

Ctrl Engine

Run the newest version of Ctrl Engine that your license will permit.

  • Open Ctrl Engine Manager.
  • Use Ctrl Engine Manager to Stop Ctrl Engine from running.
  • Once stopped, close Ctrl Engine Manager.
  • Run the latest Ctrl Engine installer on your device compatible with your license.
  • Restart Ctrl Engine.
  • Reconnect to Ctrl Player and Designer to ensure all works.
  • Reboot your system to ensure everything powers up and restarts as you expect.

Troubleshooting Issues Following Installation

If you encounter any issues within Ctrl Suite after updating, or installing older versions, remove your license from Ctrl Engine, then follow the guide to fully uninstall Ctrl Suite from your computer - Windows.