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Known Issue Log

Transparency is key.

All verified bugs have been listed below. - Thank you to all testers & wider user community for raising questions. We're working on resolving them for a future release.

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Updated: 1 August 2023

Ctrl Designerv1.0.2
Ctrl Enginev1.0.2
Ctrl Playerv1.0.2

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IDDescriptionWorkaround (if applicable)Notes
CSBT-159The Manage Players menu within Ctrl Designer doesn’t show Players that were adopted to Ctrl Engine directly through Ctrl Player App. Currently, Players only show in the list within Ctrl Designer when adopted from Designer itself.No work around at this time. - To view Players in this list, adopt all of them to Engine using Ctrl Designer as opposed to adopting from within Ctrl Player.This will be updated in a post v1.0 update.
CSBT- 30Player iPadOS - If the iPad is put to sleep, or the app is minimized sometimes Ctrl Player does not reconnect with Ctrl Engine when the iPad is unlocked or opened in full screen mode.Close the Ctrl Player App and open it again. Instructions on how to close an iPadOS app can be found here.-

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