How can I export a legacy workspace from Ctrl for iPad?


Workspaces created with version 1.1.8 and below can no longer be used with Ctrl for iPad and cannot be automatically upgraded in app. To support users still using older workspaces, an export function exists for version 2.1.6 and later.

If you have already exported your workspace when creating it and have an off device backup, proceed to step 3.


Do not delete or attempt to reinstall the app between upgrading from a version 1 install as this render workspaces unrecoverable

1. Enable Legacy Workspaces#

Firstly, you will need to enable legacy workspaces for the app. Follow the steps below to enable this setting:

  1. Visit the iPad Settings
  2. In the left menu scroll to and tap on Ctrl
  3. In the right panel, set the Display Legacy Workspace option to enabled
  4. Close settings and open Ctrl. If Ctrl is already running, close it and reopen
  5. Continue to step 2

2. Export Your Workspace#

Providing the workspace in still on the device, it will now be shown in the Workspaces lists. Please note some meta information such as name and date, custom images and colour palettes maybe missing.

  1. Find the workspace in the list and tap it to open
    • If your workspace is not shown, unfortunately it will be unrecoverable
  2. Select a location to save the workspace in the export dialog
  3. An alert will be shown indicating the status of the export
  4. If successful, continue to step 3

3. Contact Our Team#

Our team will be able to assess the state of your workspace and whether it contains features that can be upgraded to version 2. Please note, we cannot guarantee that these legacy workspaces will be fully recoverable and upgradable to a v2.X.X format although are always keen to work with you to find a solution.

  1. Locate the exported file, this will have a .cfi-legacy-bundle extension
  2. Send your file and request to our team via email
  3. We aim to response to all issues within 2 working days

Alternatively if you require a new workspace with the latest features Ctrl for iPad has to offer, ON LX provide a paid workspace creation service where the in house team can design a workspace to specification ready for deployment on your project.