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Can I change the state of other buttons on my interface when another is pressed?

Each of Ctrl for iPad’s buttons and controls supports OSC and HTTP input commands to remotely set button states and themes, alongside enabling or disabling controls.

This is useful for giving real-time feedback to the user of Ctrl for iPad to show how the control system is running.

If the remote software you are controlling does not support OSC output to update Ctrl for iPad’s button states. A network patch of (loopback) can be defined within Ctrl for iPad. Additional OSC commands can be added to each button to instantly update the state of other buttons on the workspace alongside other commands sent out to control devices or 3rd party software.

Where the option is available, updating the state of each button from external software is recommended. Only use the loopback method if there is no way to confirm that a trigger has been received.

The OSC commands for remotely controlling each button can be found in the user manual. You can also access the manual from within the app by swiping from the left edge of the screen with one finger.