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What makes Ctrl Suite different?

Ctrl Suite is a purpose-built control system platform for controlling AV (Audio Visual) devices & web services.

Instead of trying to control lighting, mixing audio levels, and switching video feeds within the software. We've focused on building the ultimate control system that presents simple interfaces or triggers to end users, can receive a host of commands, and can integrate with industry-leading hardware and web services.

Unlike other platforms, Ctrl doesn't need to run on a specific manufacturer’s hardware; use any PC or a Mac to run the lightweight Ctrl Engine processing software best suited to your project. View all interfaces on PCs, Macs or iPads. (Alternatively, upgrade an existing system by installing Ctrl Suite onto a computer already running part of your installation).

To summarise: Ctrl Suite allows systems integrators to provide their customers with a simple, intuitive method to control specialised technical devices from a series of simple & customisable user interfaces alongside converting protocols from one form to another. Create standalone triggers, schedule time-based events or react to live data inputs.

If you're keen to try it out, the Starter license tier allows you to use Ctrl Suite to receive process and send protocols for free. This license level permits one input, one output and unlimited processing between.