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Why was Ctrl Suite created?

Before the conception of Ctrl Suite, the ON LX team were looking for touchscreen interfaces and a processing system that could be used on installations capable of interacting with multiple systems. (Spin studios, gyms, virtual production etc.).

Most systems on the market were designed specifically for home or building automation and not specifically designed for lighting, AudioVisual or office control or took the form of PLCs and BIM systems that required a lot of coding.

Secondly, the calibre of displays on mass-produced consumer devices (mobile phones, iPads and computers) that customers were familiar with in daily life were often far higher than the AV-specific systems offerings at a reasonable price point.

Consequently, software was developed in-house specifically for installations capable of running on tried and tested hardware. Firstly, Ctrl for iPad was released in 2018 to provide a flexible user interface system across multiple platforms. Custom code was used to fire commands and synchronise multiple iPads for larger projects with multiple interfaces.

The 2019 pandemic gave time to bundle this custom code into a fully built-out control platform capable of scaling rapidly for more varied projects requiring multiple protocols, user interfaces and processing.