How can I configure Ctrl for iPad to launch full screen without the side bar being displayed?

To load an interface instantly in full screen mode when launching Ctrl for iPad follow the steps below:

  • Ender the settings menu by selecting the gear icon.

  • Navigate to Preferences

  • Under Workspace Options, toggle Single Workspace Mode ON (this will make Ctrl for iPad launch directly into your workspace once the App is opened).

  • Next, navigate to Users.

  • Set a memorable passcode for the iPads Admin account.

  • Within the All Users ‘*’ account enable the Disable Sidebar option.

  • Upon exiting edit mode the side bar will be disabled.

  • Done!

To exit this mode:

  • Double tap anywhere on your workspace with 3 fingers to change account.

To hide the side bar when logged in as an Admin:

  • Swipe to the left of the display with 3 fingers.

  • Swipe to the right with 3 fingers to make the sidebar return.

To lock down your iPad even further to simplify the end to end to end user experience, you may want to look into Apple's Guided Access options within iPadOS settings.