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ELM Media Picker

The ELM Media Picker is used to view and select media content for stages found within the ENTTEC ELM software.

The module supports HTTP patching with or without basic authentication as found in ELM.

Once the HTTP patch of the ELM PC has been defined and selected, a quantity of Rows and Columns can be defined to display the media thumbnails within from ELM.

Available stages will be displayed ready for selection within the module settings.

The module will automatically update should media be remotely changed or a new slot selected.

ELM Patch

The ELM patch allows an IP address from the HTTP patch to be linked to the ELM instance (setup in Settings > Connectivity > HTTP).

Rows / Columns

The quantity of rows and columns displayed within each module can be defined by using the + and - buttons for each field.

Start / End Slot

The Start and End Slots can be used to define a range of media thumbnails that will be displayed within the ELM module. The end value must be greater than the start value.

Stages to Display

The Stages to Display field allows restriction to either a single or multiple stages. Stages can be navigated between by using the tabs built into the bottom of the module.

A connection to ELM is required to set the Stages to Display field.

Action Map

The action map below details the point at which commands are actioned

Touch ReadyTouch BeginTouch DownTouch ReleaseTouch End
XXXCommand sentX

Troubleshooting Tip: If Ctrl for iPad cannot communicate with ELM, check the windows firewall settings on the ELM PC to ensure communication is not being blocked.