ELM Media Button

The ELM Media Button is used to trigger a specific media slot on an specific stage within the ENTTEC ELM software.

The module supports HTTP patching with or without basic authentication as found in ELM.

When active the Media Button displays the media thumbnail from ELM in the corresponding slot. Tapping the button in Ctrl for iPad will active the content for the assigned stage.

ELM Patch

The ELM patch allows an IP address from the HTTP patch to be linked to ELM.

Target Stage

The Target Stage setting allows for a specific stage from ELM be defined for the Media Button.

A connection to ELM is required to set the Target Stage field.

Media Slot

This field allows for the media slot to be defined. When in operation, the media thumbnail will automatically update to reflect any changes made to the media slot in ELM.

Troubleshooting Tip: If Ctrl for iPad cannot communicate with ELM, check the windows firewall settings on the ELM PC to ensure communication is not being blocked.