Playback Select

The Playback Select button allows control of remote Spotify instances via Spotify Connect. Please note a Spotify Premium account is required to use Ctrl for iPad's Spotify modules.



The recommendations tab shows music recommended by Spotify based on the signed in accounts previous listening habits.


The search tab allows users to search for any song, artist, album or playlist as can be done within the Spotify app.


All saved albums will populate under the albums tab.


All saved playlists will populate under the playlists tab.


Tapping the Star icon on any of the pages will favourite the item within Ctrl for iPad meaning it can be quickly accessed from the side bar.


Alongside track names, Ctrl for iPad shows metadata surrounding each track including warnings to notify users of explicit language, or if a track my not be viewable in the users region.

Changes made in the remote instance of Spotify will be reflected in this Ctrl for iPad module.

To get setup with this control#

  1. Navigate to 'Module Settings' in the sidebar
  2. Tap 'Login with Spotify' and follow the instructions
  3. Once logged in select an active Spotify device from the list.

You will only need to configure this once. The Spotify access token is stored securely in the device's Keychain after configuration.