ELM Stage Monitor

The ELM Stage Monitor is used to view a preview from ELM within Ctrl for iPad reflecting the live pixel output. A range of stages can be defined that allow the user to navigate between each when using the interface.

ELM Patch

The ELM patch allows an IP address from the HTTP patch to be linked to ELM. The address of the ELM instance (setup in Settings > Connectivity > HTTP).

Frames Per Second (FPS)

The frame rate of the ELM Stage Monitor preview can be defined to refresh between 5 and 60 frames per second.

Please note a higher FPS will result in an increase of CPU and network activity

Stages to Display

The Stages to Display field allows restriction to either a single or multiple stages. Stages can be navigated between by using the tabs built into the bottom of the module.

A connection to ELM is required to set the Stages to Display field.