ELM Stage Monitor

The ELM Stage Monitor is used to view a preview from ELM within Ctrl for iPad reflecting the live pixel output. A range of stages can be defined that allow the user to navigate between each when using the interface.

ELM Patch#

The ELM patch allows an IP address from the HTTP patch to be linked to ELM. The address of the ELM instance.

Frames Per Second (FPS)#

The frame rate of the ELM Stage Monitor preview can be defined to refresh between 5 and 60 frames per second.

Please note a higher FPS will result in an increase of CPU and network activity, set a value best suited to your use case

Stages to Display#

The Stages to Display field allows restriction to either a single or multiple stages. Stages can be navigated between by using the tabs built into the bottom of the module.

A connection to ELM is required to set the Stages to Display field.

*Troubleshooting Tip: If Ctrl for iPad cannot communicate with ELM, check the windows firewall settings on the ELM PC to ensure communication is not being blocked.*