Device Watcher

The Device Watcher allows you to monitor the status and response time of devices on your network or the internet.

Module Settings#

  • Refresh Interval - This defines how regularly Ctrl for iPad checks each device. [2 -> 120 Seconds]

  • Visible Devices - This defines how many devices can be viewed within the control without needing to scroll to view more. [1 - 20]

  • Devices

    • Device Name (Display Name)
    • IP Address of Device

    Use the '+' button to add more devices to be monitored to this module.

Response Display#

GreenRemote device can be found and is responding to ping requests (Response time in ms shown)
AmberRemote device is being send data but is not responding
RedRemote device cannot be found

Please note that response times (green status) will only be shown if the remote device accepts ping requests.

Tip: to check for an internet connection use the IP address of a known reliable website in the device watcher (i.e. Google:

Please note faster refresh intervals may see higher CPU usage, reduce battery life and increase network traffic, set a value best suited to your use case