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Creating an Interface

An Interface (formally Page pre version 2.0.2) is the name given to the each layout containing each of your controls.

All Interfaces feature a label, type and theme but may have additional properties depending on their specific characteristics.

To create a new interface:

  1. Enter edit mode by tapping the pencil icon in the bottom left of the sidebar.
  2. Tap the Square with Plus button.
  3. The interface editor will be opened.
  4. Set the basic parameters for interface label, the type of interface you want to create (Free, Snap, Linear) and theme and modify scale.

If you have a Pro License you can define properties for certain attributes.

Properties can be defined including:

  • Interface Size
  • Interface Scaling
  • Background Colour
  • Background Image

Aditionally, settings can be defined to globally effect all controls. These include:

  • Edge Style
  • Show Control Background
  1. Tap Save and you will be automatically taken to the new interface.
  2. Done!