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Volume Stepper

A volume stepper is used to adjust the system volume of the iPad running Ctrl for iPad in set intervals.

Changes made to the volume using the iPad's physical volume buttons will be reflected in the volume stepper control in Ctrl for iPad.

Control Properties

The control allows the following properties to be defined:

  • Number of steps (1 to 20).

  • Value Labels (Percentage / Step / None).

  • Show Border (an aesthetic modification to show or hide the coloured border of the control).

OSC API Methods

Use external applications to operate this control using the OSC API.

Send the string /ctrl/control/[uid]/[command] with the control's UID and selected command.

The default port for Ctrl for iPads OSC API is 53000. This can be modified by navigating to the settings menu and modifying the global OSC input port. The list of commands for this control are shown below:

/enabled [Int]Enable or disable the control (0 - Disabled, 1 - Enabled)
/theme [Int]Change the theme of the control (Int 1 to 14)
/theme [Int] [String]Change the theme of the control using custom palette name (Int 1 to 14)
/volume [String]Change the device volume (float 0 to 1)
/flash [Int]Set the control to flash to indicate attention is required (0 - Off, 1 - On)

Alternatively, you can create a Custom OSC Binding for this control for any of the attributes listed above.