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Release Notes

The release notes below detail the additions, changes and removals for Ctrl for iPad.
Please reference these notes, where applicable, if contacting support about a specific issue.

Version 2.3.1

  • Fixes an issue where the app would crash for some devices running iOS 17 when opening the lock screen. (CFI-811)

Version 2.3.0


Minor performance improvements and fixes for HTTP commands.
Minimum iOS version for v2.3.0 onwards is now iOS 14

  • Fixed issue when controls with multiple HTTP commands for the same patch would not fire (CFI-809)

Version 2.2.13


Adds support HEX payloads in TCP and UDP and CR/LF in ASCII

  • Added support HEX in TCP and UDP payloads (CFI-808)

Version 2.2.12


Minor bug fixes

  • Fixed issue causing errors when using output value scaling (CFI-807)
  • Resolved issue with where ENTTEC ELM software failed to accept HTTP requests (CFI-806)

Version 2.2.11


Minor bug fixes and addition to OSC API

  • Added -f force flag to OSC API to allow re-triggering of toggle buttons (CFI-805)
  • Resolved issue causing app to crash when using a colour picker (CFI-804)

Version 2.2.10


Improved playback and playback options. Fixed issues with OSC API custom bindings

  • Added the ability to define how audio and video re-triggering operates and improved playback system (CFI-796)
  • Improved OSC API for toggle buttons (CFI-803)
  • Improved playback system for linear interfaces (CFI-801)
  • Updated patch table labels when no item defined (CFI-800)
  • Fixed issue with OSC API when using custom bindings with arguments (CFI-799)

Version 2.2.9


Adds support for advanced custom OSC bindings

  • Added learn feature to OSC API (CFI-798)
  • Added the ability to define advanced custom OSC bindings (CFI-795)

Version 2.2.8


Minor bug fixes

  • Minor bug fix for third party account integrations (CFI-794)

Version 2.2.7


Improvements for linear interfaces and multi account support for third party services

  • Updated third party modules to support multiple accounts (CFI-793)
  • Updated linear interfaces to improve Target Interface command (CFI-791)
  • Fixed issue with auto follow mode for linear interfaces (CFI-792)

Version 2.2.6


Added MIDI API for remote control, flat style themes and response curves for sliders

  • Added the ability to set flat style themes to controls (CFI-790)
  • Added the ability to set the response curve of a slider, stepper, crossfader and rotary control (CFI-786)
  • Added MIDI API for control using external devices (CFI-785)
  • Fixed issue causing UDP messages to not be sent after app when to background (CFI-789)
  • Fixed issue with smart punctuation (CFI-787)

Version 2.2.5


Added minimum press duration to Switch User buttons and added stored sidebar state when changing user

  • Updated Switch User buttons to allow user to specify minimum press duration (CFI-784)
  • Updated the sidebar to retain open/closed state when changing user (CFI-783)

Version 2.2.4


Adds additional trigger commands to the OSC API

  • Added support for input ranges for custom position and trigger OSC API bindings (CFI-782)
  • Added the ability to trigger a control using the OSC API (CFI-781)

Version 2.2.3


Adds the ability to define playback state trigger and fixes issue with active playback view.

  • Added property to allow defining trigger state required for playback when using Toggle and Press & Release buttons (CFI-779)
  • Removed the (Copy) addition from labels when copying controls and interfaces. (CFI-754)
  • Fixed issue with buttons in Active Playback control not responding (CFI-780)
  • Fixed issue with cut/copy/duplicate remaining active after exiting edit mode (CFI-778)

Version 2.2.2


Added variable format and HTTP security control plus minor internal updates

  • Added property to allow user to set variable format for sliders, steppers, crossfaders, two axis and rotary controls (CFI-777)
  • Added option to allow SSL security for HTTPS requests to be disabled (CFI-776)

Version 2.2.1


Added Web View control, better variable support in the editor for sliders, steppers, crossfaders and debug console for in app testing.

  • Added debug console for protocol testing (CFI-774)
  • Added quick access variables to keyboard for sliders, steppers, crossfaders and position controls (CFI-773)
  • Added Web View module to allow viewing of external content (CFI-766)
  • Added brightness control to workspace OSC API (CFI-760)
  • Added volume control to workspace OSC API (CFI-759)
  • Added property to allow user to specify minimum press duration for Press & Release buttons (CFI-756)
  • Improved experience when using custom interface background images and light colours (CFI-769)
  • Moved advanced properties for Edge Style and Show Control Background from interface to control settings (CFI-768)
  • Updated transparent background support for controls (CFI-762)
  • Updated sidebar auto hide function to allow operation when accessing the in app manual (CFI-761)
  • Fixed issue causing app to crash sometimes when editing interfaces from sidebar (CFI-771)
  • Fixed issue causing crash sometimes if user set empty IPs for Device Watcher (CFI-765)
  • Fixed issue with circular sliders not setting centred style (CFI-764)

Version 2.2.0


Ctrl for iPad v2.2.0 brings a new ‘Lite’ license tier aimed at professional, live, installation and AV industries to simplify integration and music production. Other features include a new rotary slider type, bulk copy in edit mode, button groups and improvements and enhancements to existing modules to allow for more customisation and flexibility.

  • Added property to Two Axis controls to allow user to define the handle size (CFI-741)
  • Added option to allow user to disable some multi touch editing gestures (CFI-740)
  • Added additional properties to Steppers to allow number of steps and labels to be adjusted. (CFI-739)
  • Added property to Sliders to allow user to define the handle size (CFI-738)
  • Added Bulk Copy function to QuickControls in edit mode (CFI-734)
  • Added Group State property for toggle buttons to allow multi toggle controls to be created (CFI-731)
  • Added additional data modes for Two Axis controls (CFI-728)
  • Added support for lighting control using sACN (CFI-726)
  • Added new licensing system plus new Lite tier to accompany original Core and Pro tiers (CFI-723)
  • Added new Circular Slider control (CFI-722)
  • Added support for custom minimum and maximum values to be set for variable control such as Sliders, Steppers and Crossfaders (CFI-705)
  • Added Flash property to OSC API for controls (CFI-440)
  • Updated internal UID referencing for controls (CFI-742)
  • Improved the Device Watcher control and moved to centralised timing controller (CFI-724)
  • Updated the Device Watcher control to support more devices with scrolling view (CFI-690)
  • Updated ELM modules to allow user to control visibility of stage selector and footer controls (CFI-603)
  • Updated Volume Stepper to support OSC API commands (CFI-441)
  • Fixed issue causing app to crash sometimes when adding or removing interfaces (CFI-749)
  • Fixed issue causing QuickPatch empty view to not resize correctly (CFI-748)
  • Fixed issue causing Linear Interfaces to not always respond correctly to touch events (CFI-747)
  • Fixed issue with Multi Sliders restoring stored values (CFI-743)
  • Fixed issue with styling of show alert dialogs (CFI-732)
  • Fixed issue causing Crossfaders to not resize correctly when in edit mode (CFI-729)

Version 2.1.9


Fixed issue with MIDI on iOS 14.2

  • Fixes an issue that affects MIDI for users running iOS 14.2 (CFI-744)

Version 2.1.8


Enabled support for all users to export workspaces and other minor system improvements

  • Updated workspace export to allow all users access to the feature (CFI-613)

Version 2.1.7


Fixed issues with modules and updated timing control system

  • Added shuffle and loop buttons to Spotify Playback Control (CFI-712)
  • Updated internal timing controller for modules (CFI-720)
  • Fixed issue causing MADRIX modules to sometimes freeze (CFI-719)
  • Fixed issue causing Clock module to sometimes freeze (CFI-718)

Version 2.1.6


Minor updates and legacy workspace exporter

  • Added option to allow legacy workspaces to be exported (CFI-714)
  • Fix issue with thumbnail not being included for Spotify artwork control in editor (CFI-716)
  • UI fix in upgrade view to remove red border (CFI-715)
  • Fixed issue with Welcome view not resizing on rotate correctly (CFI-713)

Version 2.1.5


Minor internal updates for components

  • Added Artwork control for Spotify module (CFI-709)
  • Updated labels for controls to allow multiline text (CFI-706)

Version 2.1.4


Minor fix for module validation

  • Fixed issue with ELM Media Picker buttons sometimes validating media slots incorrectly (CFI-702)

Version 2.1.3


Adds the ability to size controls down to 40x40 and sidebar visibility/access permissions.

  • Added the ability to hide or disable the sidebar on a per user basis. Users can additionally access the switch user function by double tapping the workspace with three fingers (CFI-699)
  • Added the ability to disable the In App Manual for a workspace (CFI-697)
  • Updated text referring to the In App Manual which is accessible by swiping from the left screen edge (CFI-698)
  • Updated minimum allowed control size in free interfaces to 40x40 with hybrid move and resize options in QuickControls (CFI-685)
  • Fixed issue with edit mode when using connected sessions (CFI-701)
  • Fixed issue allowing users with invalid permissions to access edit mode in certain scenarios (CFI-700)
  • Fixed issue with smart quotes not being removed from outgoing OSC messages (CFI-696)
  • Fixed issue with OSC API not being restarted when resuming the session (CFI-695)

Version 2.1.2


Minor update for modules and connected sessions

  • Updates for network patches with a session (CFI-693)
  • Fixed issue causing pulse animation to not show on Go To Interface buttons (CFI-694)
  • Fixed issue causing ELM Media Picker buttons to not load content by default (CFI-692)

Version 2.1.1


Adds custom OSC binding for incoming commands, QuickPatch for all modules and improvements for Go To Interface buttons and commands

  • Added QuickPatch to patch select fields for all modules (CFI-689)
  • Added the ability to bind custom OSC commands for incoming messages (CFI-680)
  • Added standard protocol output support to Go To Interface buttons (CFI-678)
  • Updated patch select to hide invalid patches and order by display name (CFI-683)
  • Improvements for Go To Interface button and API command (CFI-679)
  • Fixed issue causing body text of Title and Text to not be saved (CFI-687)
  • Fixed issue causing Guarded Buttons to resize incorrectly (CFI-686)
  • Fixed issue with selected image/theme not persisting for Guarded Buttons (CFI-682)
  • Fixed issue causing the File Manager to not rotate correctly (CFI-677)
  • Corrected text for Audio Editor component (CFI-675)
  • Remove QuickPatch option from table views that should not include it (CFI-688)

Version 2.1.0


Version 2.1.0 adds linear interfaces, audio and video playback, vertical interfaces, additions for APIs and lots of core improvements

  • Added the ability to access the connectivity patch within the control editor (CFI-656)
  • Added Global Playback Controls for Audio and Video (CFI-639)
  • Added Linear Interfaces for playback stacks including Audio and Video. (CFI-634)
  • Added interfaces preset sizes for devices (CFI-630)
  • Added support for vertical orientation of workspaces (CFI-629)
  • Added options to Linear interfaces to allow playback in an ordered or grouped all method (CFI-492)
  • Added OSC API to Linear controls and interfaces (CFI-489)
  • Added Audio Playback to workspaces (CFI-468)
  • Added HTTP API for control of workspaces, interfaces and controls (CFI-398)
  • Updated default control size in Free interfaces to 200x200 (CFI-663)
  • Updated linear interfaces to default to scale to fit the device (CFI-662)
  • Updated UID system to verify unique controls (CFI-651)
  • Updated patches to use UID over indexing system. Pre v2.1.0 workspaces will auto upgrade to new system (CFI-636)
  • Minor UI modifications to the demo experience. (CFI-624)
  • Minor internal feature updates (CFI-616)
  • Improved Timer controls and centralised management (CFI-536)
  • Fixed issue causing interface to jump to first when setting user permissions (CFI-658)
  • Fixed issue causing controls in advanced property tables to render over others (CFI-647)
  • Fixed incorrect text refering to Pages rather than Interfaces (CFI-637)
  • Fixed issue causing controls not to show when loading into a workspace using Single Workspace Mode with permissions set (CFI-625)
  • Began deprecation of Grid interfaces in favour of Free Snap interfaces. Please note Grid interfaces will be removed in the next major version (v2.2.0) (CFI-644)
  • Removed support for deprecated .workspace file format. Contact our team if you need support with outdated workspaces (CFI-633)

Version 2.0.6


Minor update for internal validation of upgrades

    Version 2.0.5


    Version 2.0.5 provides a minor fix for language support and removes currently un-configured languages.

    • Fixed issue causing unused localisations to be displayed to users (CFI-628)

    Version 2.0.4


    Version 2.0.4 adds single slot support for the ELM media picker, updates editor validation and fixes internal comms for use in a Ctrl session.

    • Updated ELM Media Picker to be able to display single slots and ranges of 2 slots (CFI-623)
    • Minor internal feature updates (CFI-616)
    • Updated Editor to display validation message for module settings if required (CFI-582)
    • Fixed Go To Interface buttons not working when connected to Ctrl session (CFI-615)

    Version 2.0.3


    Version 2.0.3 adds more OSC API methods, the ability to build interface navigation and an overhaul of the in app manual. To allow users to test Ctrl Pro before purchase we have also enabled Pro modules during the trial period.

    • Added the ability for users to test Pro modules before buying a Ctrl Pro license (CFI-604)
    • Added OSC API methods to workspace to allow interface switching, sidebar control and switch user (CFI-593)
    • Updated editor for interfaces and controls to make accessing UID easier (CFI-602)
    • Updated Go To Interface and Switch User controls to support OSC API (CFI-595)
    • Updated Release Notes view to new Docs system (CFI-592)
    • Updated In App Manual to new Docs system with v2 manual (CFI-591)
    • Fixed issue causing interfaces to sometimes overlap in the sidebar list when duplicating (CFI-601)
    • Fixed issue causing Descriptor Title to not resize correctly in edit mode (CFI-594)
    • Resolved missing control icons from editor (CFI-589)
    • Fixed issue allowing Interfaces to be created with an empty or the same label (CFI-587)

    Version 2.0.2


    Added full support for HTTP requests with the ability to set the method, headers and body of a request, added controls to allow interface navigation and updates for ENTTEC ELM module.

    • Guarded buttons have a user definable trigger duration (CFI-563)
    • Full support for HTTP requests including header, body and methods (CFI-558)
    • Added Switch User control (CFI-543)
    • Added Go To Interface control to allow user to navigate between interfaces (CFI-542)
    • Added ELM Stage Monitor and ELM Media Buttons (CFI-478)
    • Free interface type is now the default for new workspaces and interfaces (CFI-574)
    • Improved display for patch fields to show name and address (CFI-565)
    • All modules are now enabled by default (CFI-560)
    • Patch selects display instructions for editing data (CFI-547)
    • Creating controls in free interfaces will now be inserted at touch location (CFI-544)
    • Pages are now called Interfaces to match global Ctrl platform (CFI-539)
    • Fixed issue causing controls not to show when loading into a workspace using Single Workspace Mode with permissions set (CFI-625)
    • Fixed scaling for buttons with images (CFI-579)
    • Fixed issue causing MADRIX storage button to be empty when no patch is specified (CFI-562)

    Version 2.0.1


    Minor fix to restore missing Volume Stepper control.

    • Moved Volume Stepper to Global module to restore access to users (CFI-590)

    Version 2.0.0


    Major release of Ctrl for iPad which brings performance improvements, new interface layouts and much more.

    • Added the ability to reorder pages in the workspace sidebar (CFI-447)
    • Added full support for Musical MIDI (CFI-446)
    • Added the ability to add images to Buttons for users with a Ctrl Pro license (CFI-438)
    • Added our platform wide Open Workspace Format for interoperability making working with complex workspaces easier than ever (CFI-431)
    • Added new grid layouts 2x2, 4x3 and 5x4 (CFI-401)
    • Added double tap Quick Controls to controls in edit mode for edit, cut, copy and delete. (CFI-362)
    • Rebuilt the modules system for improved performance and user interaction (CFI-474)
    • Updated Volume Steppers to fade changes (CFI-448)
    • Complete overhaul to the internals of Ctrl for iPad, greatly improving performance whilst maintaining the initiative user interface (CFI-414)

    Version 1.1.8


    Added the ability to use images as Button Labels and change the label of Title Descriptors using the OSC API.

    • Added the ability to add images to Buttons for users with a Ctrl Pro license (CFI-438)
    • Fixed an issue with page label validation when switching cases (CFI-443)

    Version 1.1.7


    Minor improvements for audio playback and controls

    • Fixed issued causing audio playback from other apps to be paused when launching Ctrl for iPad (CFI-430)
    • Fixed issue causing title to not be displayed for Device Watcher control (CFI-428)

    Version 1.1.6


    Bug fixes for the in app manual and improvements to the core controller API

    • Fixed UI issue with Volume Stepper control (CFI-424)
    • Fixed issue with Multi Slider controls showing opposite orientation styles (CFI-420)
    • Fixed issue with in app user manual blocking touch events in certain scenarios (CFI-399)

    Version 1.1.5


    Core system update and minor fixes

      Version 1.1.4


      Playback Audio with the new dedicated audio methods and access the user manual without leaving the app.

        Version 1.1.3


        Minor fix for devices running iOS 11.4 when using the Global Volume Stepper

          Version 1.1.2


          Version 1.1.2 addes crossfader controls for variable parameters with a central point, X/Y controls for 2D axis parameters and a revision to the ELM Media Picker module.

            Version 1.1.1


            Version 1.1.1 sees the addition of the Network Tools module used for monitoring the status and response time of network devices.

              Version 1.1.0


              Ctrl for iPad officially goes live with Version 1.1.0!