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How do I display remote workspaces in Ctrl for iPad?


If you are using bespoke software created by ON LX Limited, you may have the option to use Ctrl for iPad as a real-time remote interface viewer.

Ctrl for iPad can connect to remote network sessions using ON LX’s proprietary protocol, ‘CtrlNet’ to turn an iPad into one of many remote interface viewers for larger installations.

In this mode users cannot edit the remote workspace.

To display a remote workspace in Ctrl for iPad:

1) Navigate to your iPad’s settings menu. 2) Navigate through the list of apps and select Ctrl for iPad. 3) Under Ctrl Settings enable the switch for Display Remote Workspaces. 4) Close the settings menu and restart Ctrl. 5) When opening Ctrl for iPad alongside any local workspaces, a heading for remote workspaces will be displayed. 6) Select the remote workspace you wish to view. 7) This workspace will open and configure itself to load each time Ctrl for iPad is able to connect to the remote network. 8) If you wish to hide the side bar, swipe with 3 fingers across the iPad to the left. (Swipe with 3 fingers to the right to show it) This configuration will be saved for next time the App is opened. 9) Done!