Storage Button

The Storage Button provides a thumbnail view and control for a storage slot within MADRIX.

Tapping a button will activate the storage dependant on the defined settings.

StorageThe storage number of the slot in MADRIX (1 to 256)
PlaceThe place number of the slot in MADRIX (1 to 256)
Madrix Patch*The address of the MADRIX instance (setup in Settings > Connectivity > HTTP)
Position ModeThe location to activate the storage slot (All, Left or Right)
Fade ModeWhether the content should appear with or without fade
Display ThumbnailSelect enabled to show thumbnail in the control
Display Slot NameSelect enabled to display the slot name (Example S1P1)
MADRIX VersionThis can be Version 5 or Version 3. (Default: Version 5)

*The Patch address should be the root IP address of the instance (Example:

Action Map#

The action map below details the point at which commands are actioned

Touch ReadyTouch BeginTouch DownTouch ReleaseTouch End
XXXCommand sentX

*Troubleshooting Tip: If Ctrl for iPad cannot communicate with ELM, check the windows firewall settings on the ELM PC to ensure communication is not being blocked.*